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The Joelle Samson Series

No-nonsense girl, believes in monsters, seeks like-minded people to join the fight.

“Rule number four: never leave this island on your own.”

“Why not?”

“Because you won’t get far, trust me.”

“Mmm-kay.” Was that a threat or a warning? I don’t think either made me feel any better, but the latter had a challenge ring to it. I had no sea lore and wasn’t the most comfortable person on water and yet ‘we’ll see about that,’ was all I kept thinking.

“Rule number five—”

“How many more are there?” I interrupted him. He gave me one of his patent squint-glare.

“It’s the last one,” he answered, “and it’s the most important one. Rule number five: when I go to bed, you go to bed. No questions asked. You shut all doors and windows, blow all lights out and there’s no getting up until dawn.”


Joelle Samson is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Nurse by day, she studies medicine at night to earn her medical degree. There's only work for her, and things are going her way but an event from her past resurfaces that disrupts everything: as a child, Joelle witnessed a vicious attack and learned of what hides in the shadows. Now a grownup, she's dismissed it, but the past has a way of sneaking up on you. And Joelle is about to learn that some childhood monsters are real.

"There's a reason we're all afraid of the dark..."


Genre(s): Urban fantasy, mystery

Release date: September 24th 2020

Length: 320 pages (80k words)

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