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The Noreen Spencer Mysteries

Not every answer comes from the world as we know it.

“Rule number four: never leave this island on your own.”

“Why not?”

“Because you won’t get far, trust me.”

“Mmm-kay.” Was that a threat or a warning? I don’t think either made me feel any better, but the latter had a challenge ring to it. I had no sea lore and wasn’t the most comfortable person on water and yet ‘we’ll see about that,’ was all I kept thinking.

“Rule number five—”

“How many more are there?” I interrupted him. He gave me one of his patent squint-glare.

“It’s the last one,” he answered, “and it’s the most important one. Rule number five: when I go to bed, you go to bed. No questions asked. You shut all doors and windows, blow all lights out and there’s no getting up until dawn.”


Around the world, people are taking their own lives and leaving behind obscure notes with bright red calling cards. When Noreen Spencer gets a letter from her estranged father, she fears something might be wrong. She travels back to her little hometown of Middle Haven to find out she's too late to save the man and that she inherits the family's home. But the place is far from empty...

"I just want something that is all mine, you know? Mine and no one else's."


Genre(s): Paranormal mystery

Release date: October 29th 2020

Length: 220 pages (55k words)

Coming soon!

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