What are Night Wanderings?

I have always dreamed a lot.

Since childhood, my nights have never been restful and quiet. As a kid, I used to have big dark circles under my eyes and people thought I was sick. Dreams have always been as present in my head as memories or wishes. I used to tell my family about my dreams, but after getting a lot of weird looks, I figured it would be best for me (and my freedom) to keep my dreams to myself (unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a padded cell).

So, I dream a lot.

And believe it or not, I remember most of my dreams as I wake up (heck, I can recall 4 from last night alone!) I've been living in dreams for so long that I've even reached a stage where I can realize while in the dream that I'm dreaming and turn the whole thing around if I so wish. It's pretty cool.

I also keep a dream journal by my bed, but I admit I rarely use it. Usually, when the alarm clock rings, the auto-pilot kicks in and I start my work day. In consequence, most of my dreams get lost over time. I forget them.

But there are some dreams that I will carry with me all my life. And I wish to share them with you.

I hope you enjoy them. :) (And please, don't lock me up just yet :P )

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