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Today, as we near Halloween, I've decided to share with you one of my most particularly creepy dreams.

I hope you like it. ^_^

A bit of background

When I was 8, my parents got divorced and my mom got custody of my sister and I. Since we struggled to make ends meet at first, my maternal grandparents took over our lunches and dinners for a little while, becoming like second parents to my sister and me.

Eight years later, when I was 16, we lost my grandfather when a blood clot ruptured in his brain. It was like losing a dad...

A bit of setting

Like a lot of young adults, I still lived with my mom when I turned 20. We live in a 3-bedroom apartment and, to reach the bathroom from my bedroom, I had to walk by the kitchen/dining room's doorway where I could see the dining table, the chairs and the refrigerator.

Since I dream a lot, I also wake up a lot at night and, most of the time, I need to use the restroom. To avoid such injuries as stubbed toes, I negotiated a long time ago to keep a nightlight on at night. (I'm 35 and that nightlight still shines every night.) In this particular apartment, the nightlight was at the far end of the kitchen which means I couldn't see it on my way to the bathroom, but I could see the glow it cast on the table and chairs, just enough to see shapes.

Ok, we're all set. In we go.

Something nudges me out of sleep. I wake up, groggy, trying to make sense of my last dream but the images are just out of reach. The light from the streetlamp outside sneaks in, contouring the rectangle shape of the rolling blind in front of my window. I can see the silhouette of the tree, right on the other side of my wall, move in and out of the thin ray of light, waving crazily in the wind. I turn around, searching in my pillow the path that would lead me back into dreamland, but am soon forced to give up: I have to pee.

With a sigh, I kick away the warm blankets and rest my feet on the cold wood flooring. The initial shock of temperature change registered, I get up, walk around my bed and open the door to my bedroom.

The hallway is dark. A bit of the streetlamp light is crawling between the heavy curtains in the living room, leaving a thread-wide golden glow on one of the sofa cushion. It's not enough to light my way, and I have to be careful around here to avoid the buffet and the wall's corner.

Finally, I can see the trapeze-shape on the floor: the soft glow of the kitchen's nightlight. I walk toward it, more confident. I pass in front of the kitchen's doorway, turn the corner to the bathroom...

...and then freeze.

Did I just see this right...? I take a few steps back...

...and to my terror, I find a man standing in our kitchen.

He is wearing a classy, clean-cut black pants and a single-breasted black jacket. His hair is the color of salt and pepper, and he smells faintly of a vanilla cigarillo. He has his back turned to me and is slightly bent over the table, looking at something on the wooden surface.

I can't see his face, and yet somehow, I know exactly who this man is, the way one knows things in a dream.

This man standing in the dark in my kitchen, lit by the soft, yellow glow of my nightlight, is none other than Old Harry...

The Trickster...

The Prince of Darkness...

The Devil himself.

I can't move.

But I don't have to; he already knows I'm there.

"Ah, I was waiting for you," he says in a low, smooth voice.

He gathers what was laid out on the table and I can see his arms and elbows make a movement I know from spending hours playing games with my grandmother: he is shuffling cards.

"Come," he says.

And I obey.

As I enter the kitchen, I barely notice how much colder the linoleum is compared to the hallway's carpet. I don't realize that I am holding my breath either.

But there is something I don't miss: the Old One is not alone.

There is a man with him

....A slave?

The man is sitting on one of our dinning chairs, his knees pressed against his chest, and rocking back and forth, mumbling and whining softly all the while.

(That image is still with me to this day.)

The Fallen Angel turns three cards on the table. I stop moving forward as soon as I can see what is on them. I am still a little bit behind him, but I can see his profile now...

...and am astonished to find that he is one of the most handsome man I have ever seen! I am taken aback even thought I can recall legends and old wives' tales mentioning his charm and good looks.

He doesn't turn to look at me. His eyes are on the cards.

"Pick one," he says.

But the cards are not cards anymore. They are dollar bills. There is a five, a ten, and a twenty. And to this day, I remember clearly my train of thought at that moment.

If I pick the twenty, I will come off as greedy. But if I pick the five dollars bill, he will see me as being falsely modest.

So, I go for the "safest" choice and pick the ten.

The Old One nods and collects the rest. "That," he says, pointing to the ten-dollar bill in my hand, "that's how much time you have left."

The blood drains from my body. I turn to ice. Is he serious?! Terror grows within me at the thought of dying so early, but then, my fear explodes in sheer horror when the man rocking on the chair starts a crescendo scream that ends up piercing my ears.

The Devil turns around, and suddenly, I can see him very well. Too well as a white light grows and grows behind me.

I know what's going on.

I don't have to turn around.

The familiar smell of roses and Musk-brand perfume... There's no one else in the world smelling like that.

My grandfather stands behind me.

The Devil and his man share an expression of utter terror and I look away as they melt with horrible cries into the floor. When I open my eyes, the room is dark again.

No one is standing around. No one is sitting on the chair.

And there's no melted puddle of flesh on the floor.

But on the table rest a five and a twenty.


Back then, I took it to mean I still had 35 years ahead of me. Which means I would reach 55 years of age...

I guess we'll know in twenty years. :P

Do you have this kind of crazy dream?

Comment below and let us know your weirdest/creepiest dream!

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