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Odessa Baker Psychic Mysteries

(Book One)

A book cover with a blue butterfly on a cloudy background. Resonance. Odessa Baker Psychic Mysteries, book one.

"Only those not at peace with their ghosts find themselves being haunted."

Twenty-seven-year-old Odessa Baker has turned her back on her past and the ghosts buried in it.
Leaving her hometown, Odessa now lives a life of anonymity and some normality in the metropolis where she juggles alcohol and one night stands.
But when a former friend shows up on her doorstep begging for help, Odessa has no choice but to return home (where she is known as the girl that tragedy touched) and to tap into an ability she hoped to leave dormant. She must now face the ghosts she left behind or the life of a young boy might very well be at stake.

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