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Odessa Baker Psychic Mysteries, book one

What if the only way to save a life was to travel through another's nightmares?
When twenty-seven-year-old Odessa Baker is confronted by a former friend begging for her help, she is forced to face her past and tap into an ability she had hoped to leave dormant as the life of a young boy rests in her hands and the only way to save him is to travel through his nightmares.

RESONANCE is the first book in the s
eries of Odessa Baker Psychic Mysteries. Combining elements of suspense and eeriness, this gripping tale relies on dreams—and nightmares—to solve a kidnapping. Readers who enjoyed Kaylie Hunter's Davina Ravine Psychic Crime Thriller series or stories with a paranormal twist will find themselves enthralled by Odessa's quest.

"I fell in love with this book from the beginning and really didn't want to put it down." — Darla Taylor, on Goodreads

Buy RESONANCE today and dive into Dee's spooky dreams to save the life of a young boy!

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