Who's That Girl?

(Did that title put the song in your head? :P)

Hi! It's me: Valérie (The accent is just so I can pretend to be fancy ^_^)
I'm a French Canadian (yup, I bleed maple syrup and poutine sauce) and I've lived in Montreal for most of my life. I speak French and English on a daily basis, although half the time I get confused about which language I'm supposed to use with whom.


I'm a Hobbit, a Ravenclaw, and a Disnerd. I love myths, legends, ghost stories, and fairy tales, and I'm obsessed with the Titanic (the boat, not the movie.) I love to travel and visit new places, and try to imagine all the stories these places could tell. And until recently, I was also the proud human to a fluffy cat.

I started writing when I was ten: my parents' divorce and my grandfather's death brought me to the page. I took all the normal steps until finally, in 2012, I published my first novel (in French) with a traditional publisher: a story about a fiery redheaded teenager wanting to become a dragon rider. It's now seven years and six books later and I've decided to explore the English market. I've opted for the indie publishing route because it gives me creative control.

When I'm not writing, I can be found drawing, singing or smothering my cat with hugs. And feeling guilty about the fact that I'm not writing...

My readers mean the world to me. <3

And that's all there is to know about me! ^_^

(Should I feel sad that it fits in four small paragraphs?) 

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