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What if the only way to save a life was to travel through another's nightmares?
When twenty-seven-year-old Odessa Baker is confronted by a former friend begging for her help, she is forced to face her past and tap into an ability she had hoped to leave dormant as the life of a young boy rests in her hands and the only way to save him is to travel through his nightmares.

RESONANCE is the first book in the series of Odessa Baker Psychic Mysteries. Combining elements of suspense and eeriness, this gripping tale relies on dreams—and nightmares—to solve a kidnapping. Readers who enjoyed Kaylie Hunter's Davina Ravine Psychic Crime Thriller series or stories with a paranormal twist will find themselves enthralled by Odessa's quest.

"I fell in love with this book from the beginning and really didn't want to put it down." — Darla Taylor, on Goodreads

Buy RESONANCE today and dive into Dee's spooky dreams to save the life of a young boy!


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